Myth #1

Hot flashes and night sweats are inevitable. Go to bed naked and sleep on a towel.

Welcome to the adventures of Molly Wood and her alter-ego, Hot Flash Holly. Molly has just tried to blow out all 50 candles perched on the birthday cake from her co-workers. When the smoke clears, Molly's face is red and sweaty...not just from trying to blow out 50 candles, but because she is having a hot flash...AGAIN! She hates turning 50 and believes all the myths she has heard through the years. It takes her alter-ego, Holly, to help her bust through the myths and realize that her life is going to be better than ever.

Hot Flash Holly to the rescue! 

She debunks the menopause myths, one by one. She looks taller than Molly because she has great posture and stands up for herself. She is out-going and full of energy because she embraces a healthy lifestyle.

Holly works out, eats healthy foods, stays current with all topics, is a mentor to her younger co-workers and a coach to anyone interested in being healthy.

One by one, she busts through the menopause myths to prove to Molly that life is great...even after 50!

Myth #4

Sex is merely a pleasant memory. You lost your MOJO, baby! Who wants a crazy, overweight sweating woman, anyway?

Myth #3

Depression is part of the game of life. Eat, drink and sleep. No one cares.

Myth #2

Gaining weight is part of being the fab 50. Buy stretch pants and really big shirts.

Myth #5

The hormone swings make you crazy. You'll spend half the time yelling at everyone and half the time crying for no reason.

Busting Through the Top Five Menopause Myths

Note: This website is meant to entertain and enlighten. The only advice intended is for women to take charge of their health and their bodies. You know your body better than anyone. If you are not getting the answers you need, seek a second or third opinion. Research, research, research. There is a lot of information regarding menopause, symptoms and help. Get the best information and treatment possible and then move forward so you can enjoy the journey!