She turned off the television and walked into her bedroom, gazing at her reflection in the mirror. What had it felt like to be sexy? It certainly took effort…shaving everything, exfoliating, makeup, dress to show cleavage. She stuck out her tongue at her reflection. Did she even want to go through the trouble? Who would look at her anyhow? A geezer with a cane and bad eye sight? Certainly no one her age. And younger? Forget it. She was beyond being a cougar and more into the elephant stage.

She pulled off her sweatshirt and stared at her sagging breasts. It seemed like the girls had a goal of reaching her belly button just as quickly as possible. She lifted her arms and they flapped like sheets on a clothesline in a stiff breeze. Bingo arms. Ugh! They just wouldn’t tighten up, no matter how hard she tried. Okay, she admitted to herself, maybe she wasn’t trying hard enough. And her blouses weren’t quite as tight as they had been, but it still wasn’t good. She lowered her hands to her hips. Sex? Any man seeing her like this would die of laughter, not an orgasm. There is no way she would let ANYONE see her naked, not even in the flattering glow of one candle. And now she wasn’t sure she would want to be naked with a man even in the dark. Ewwww!

Molly crawled into bed, curled into the fetal position, pulled the blanket over her head and cried herself to sleep. She wasn’t sure she even wanted to have sex with anyone, but she at least wanted the choice to be hers.


Molly thought about what Holly had said. Maybe the man who sat next to her in the archeology class would like to do some personal exploration. It was worth a try. What was the worst thing that could happen? She ended up at home with her cat, Waldo, and a good book…no more romantic movies for a while.

Myth #4

Sex is merely a pleasant memory. You have lost your MOJO, so just deal with it. Sex? Really? Who wants a 50-year-old when there are young, beautiful women swarming all over every man like bees looking for a hive.​

Holly flew around Molly’s face until she had Molly’s attention.

Molly groaned. “What do you want now?” she grumbled.  “Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

“Because, you still have an ATTITUDE,” Holly said as she settled onto Molly’s stomach and rested her arms on Molly’s breast. “You are working out, but it takes time to get your body back. And the hormones are working if you even think that you want to have sex.”

“Oh, great,” Molly said with a sigh. “Just what I need. Sex hormones. I’m better off going to the adult book store on the way home from work and doing it myself. No one would be interested in me. All the men want those young chicks. Not an old hen.”

“Really? How can you be sure?” Holly laughed. “When was the last time you even flirted? Or even expressed any interest in a man who was talking to you?”

Molly grunted. “There was no one else for them to talk to.”

Holly persisted. “How about the man in your archeology class who sits next to you? Or the professor who always calls on you?”

Molly was silent for a moment. Both men were really nice and she hadn’t really expressed any interest. She guessed they were about her age.

“Molly, Molly, Molly. Have you forgotten? The most crucial sex organ is your mind.” Holly stood up, her hands on her hips. “Maybe your body isn’t the same as it was in your youth, but your mind is even better. You are smart and can be loads of fun if you try...even without the wine!” Holly spread her arms. “Think of the possibilities.”

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Molly was feeling better about herself, eating healthy and really felt like she was making progress…until she watched How Harry Met Sally one Saturday night. She started to cry and couldn’t stop as the tears ran down her cheeks. Sex? A relationship? She remembered her last affair and cried even harder. It had been three long years since she had had sex and even longer than that since she had a real relationship with a man. Even Waldo had a girl friend!